Procedure for Linking Eaadhaar Card Number With SBI using ATM

  • Aadhar is an important document for every Indian. As per latest government policy, it is compulsory to link your Aadhar Card with the bank account. But there are still many account holders who have not linked their e Aadhar Card with their SBI bank account. Some of them are lazy and some others are there who do not know the procedure to link Aadhar card with their bank account. So, in this article, we are covering “How to Link e Aadhar Card with SBI Bank”.

    Ways to Link e Aadhar Card Number with SBI Bank

    1. SBI Net Banking: You can link your UIDAI Aadhar Card with your State Bank Account using the internet banking service. You can use  to link your aadhaar card number with the bank.
    2. SBI ATM: If you have not activated your net banking facility then you can link your aadhar card with SBI with help of SBI ATM CUM Debit Card.
    3. SMS Service: If you don't have either SBI Net banking facility nor you have the debit card of state bank of India then you can use SMS service for seeding your aadhar card with SBI.
    4. By Visiting SBI Branch: If you do not want to use any of the above-mentioned services to link your eaadhar card with sbi then you can using this way to link eaadhar with sbi

    Procedure for Linking eaadhar with SBI using net banking

    Internet Banking is a boon for all the customers in 21st Century. No One has time to visit the branch to do any banking task. To link eaadhar with SBI you must be having following things:-

    Pre-requisite to link eaadhar with SBI 

    • SBI Internet Banking: You must have SBI net banking service activated if you want to link your eaadhar card/number with SBI.
    • Registered Mobile Number: You must be having access to the phone number which you have earlier registered with SBI. This number will be required as OTP will be sent to this number.
    • Aadhaar Card Number: You should have your Aadhaar Card Number, if you do not have one then you can download the eaadhar card online.
    • SBI User Id & Password: This will also be required to make SBI Net Banking Login

    Procedure for seeding eaadhaar card with SBI

    • Make SBI login using your SBI User ID & Password  

      link eaadhaar card with sbi 1
    • Then click on "Link Your Aadhar Number"

      link eaadhaar card with sbi 2
    • Next, you need to Select the "Transaction Account"
    • Now, you also have to fill the "account number"
    • After that, Provide you "AAdhaar Number"
    • Again Enter you "AAdhaar Number"
    • Thereafter, you have to click on the "Submit" link.
    • As soon as you will click the submit link then you will reach to next step where it will ask you for OTP
    • Just Enter the OTP which you have received on your registered mobile Number & click on the "Submit" Button. In case OTP is not delivered to you then click on "Click here to resend the SMS" option available there.
    • Once you do that, you will see the following message
    •   Your Reference Number is UIDINBXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX "The status of Aadhar seeding will be communicated on your registered moible number. In case of any discrepancy please contact your branch."

    So using these very easy and simple steps, anyone can link their Aadhar card with their State Bank of India bank Account.

    Steps for linking e Aadhar Card using ATM

    If you do not have the internet banking facility of SBI then do not worry. Do you have SBI ATM CUM Debit Card? if yes, then its easy for you to link your aadhar card with SBI by using the ATM Card. Following is the procedure for linking Aadhar Card with SBI:-

    1. Firstly, go to the nearest SBI ATM Machine
    2. After that you have to insert the SBI ATM CUM DEBIT Card in the ATM Machine
    3. Then, you need to enter the ATM PIN Correctly
    4. Thereafter, you have to select the “Service Registration Option
    5. Next, you need to select the “Aadhar Card Registration” Option
    6. Then choose your Account type:-
      1. Saving Account
      2. Current Accoun 
    7. At Last, you have to press the Aadhar Card Number and confirm it

    Once you will confirm the Eaadhar Card Number then you will see the successful message that the Aadhaar Card has been linked with your SBI Bank Account.  

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